Election Day in MCES



The number of young American citizens who participated in the 2008 Presidential Election was at a record high. Never before have so many American youth been involved in electing the next president of the United States. The young students at Muslim Center Elementary School were not lagging too far behind. Although they were too young to cast an actual vote, all of the students participated in a mock election on the internet. Student lined up by the computer room to cast their votes through the internet.
As the votes from the entire school were counted, it turns out that the students in Muslim Center Elementary School are in consensus with the American people as to who should be our next president. A vast majority of the school agreed that President Obama is most qualified to serve as the next leader of the United States of America. Students did not cast their votes randomly.
They knew about the important issues in this election as well as the candidates' perspective on each issue. On the day after the nation voted for Barack Obama as our next president, you could feel a positive energy among the students. There was a renewed sense of pride and confidence in our country and our values. "In order to make a difference, you have to make an effort and be willing to do something about it," explained Principal Farooqi.

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