Election Day



September 2018, the school was buzzing with curiosity and excitement over who would be the next school President and Vice President. Soon excitement turned into an intense anticipation as students voted in Primary Elections to choose their candidates. Heavy campaigning commenced, and quickly you could see the wheels turn as students started to take notice of the candidates' stance on issues like homework policy, school lunches, physical education, and so on.

Come November, students had a clear idea on who they wanted to represent their voice. On Election Day, they approached the ballots with a strong resolve to choose the right person for the job. And so they did! On Inauguration Day, Faiz Salampessy and Khadija Noor took their oath as President and Vice President of MCJHS. They swore to serve the student body to the best of their ability. Together they held confirmation meetings to choose their cabinet members, created proposals for the issues they based their campaign on and presented it to congress (the teachers) during scheduled meetings. Together they were able to uphold the previous "homework free day" policy that was instilled with the help of the previous president, they pushed for new salah rugs, and reestablished the practice of warming home lunches. Even though it is almost the end of the year, they, with their cabinet members (Nimra Shahab and Areeba Tanwir), are still working hard to serve their fellow peers.

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