A Human Tragedy in Peshawar, Pakistan



It was a dark day for humanity when innocent children were killed in Pakistan on December 16th, 2014. The world and especially the Muslim community were shaken on that day. Muslim Center Junior High School students sympathized with the families of the victims and held prayers for the victims, their families, and humanity as a whole. Students and teachers held discussions over what had occurred. Emotions were whirling throughout the building for days. Thus, we decided we needed to reach out to them. Students made cards and wrote letters to the victims' families. They wanted to make sure that these cards were delivered to the right people. Thus, on December 23rd, 2014, a group of students from grades three to eight made their way to the city to hand deliver the condolence cards to the Pakistani Consulate. There they signed the condolence book on behalf and all of MCJHS students and staff. They also met with the Consulate General, Mr. Mohammad Iqbal Mughal, who appreciated their concern and was moved by the gesture. We pray and hope that a dark day like this ever falls upon Pakistan or any nation. May Allah protect us all from the evils of the world. Ameen.

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