Quran Competition 2011/2012



AlhamduLillaah! Qur'aan Competition was held on May 22nd , 2012. Participants demonstrated their skills. The audience also made it exciting by listening to the Qur'aan respectfully. We had 4 levels L1, L2, L3, L4, and there were 3 judges in each level. For levels 1 & 2, we had Haafiz M.Yoosuf, Sr. Houria and Sr. Samia. For levels 3 & 4, we had Haafiz M. Yoosuf, Br. Ghani and Sr. Samia as the elected judges. At the end of the competition, the graduation of Naazirah Qur'aan for 6th graders was held. 18 students from the 6th Grade were awarded the certificate of "Completion of Naazirah Qur'aan". We hope and pray to Allaah (SWT) for our students to grow more passionate and interested in Qur'aan and to give Hidaayah in reciting the Qur'aan correctly. The event was coordinated by Br. Hifzurrehaman and Sr. Houria. Jazaahoma Allahu Khayran.

LEVEL 1 (KG - 1st Grade): From Sooratul-Feel To Sooratun-Naas

1st Place: Oumaima Benyahya
2nd Place: Arsh Khwaja
3rd Place: Mohamed Benyahya

LEVEL 2 (2nd Grade): From Sooratuz-Zilzaal To Sooratun-Naas

1st Place: Hadya Nasim
2nd Place: Ayat Karim
3rd Place: Juwairiyah Ahmed

LEVEL 3 (3rd Grade): From Sooratul-Fajr To Sooratun-Naas

1st Place: Zareen Amatur Rahman
2nd Place: Mustafa Abdelrehem
3rd Place: Muhammad Mansoor

LEVEL 4 (4th Grade - 7th Grade): Juz 'Amma

1st Place: Aya Abdelrehem
2nd Place: Mohammed Ubaidur Rahman
3rd Place: Sumayya Mokit

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