Science Fair Competition 2014/2015



Alhamdulilah, the science fair was a super hit! It was conducted on 6th and 7th January 2015 and all students from grades KG to 8th participated. The school hall was embellished with beautiful and colorful projects and display boards. Even Einstein couldn't resist and decided to make an appearance. This was an opportunity for all students to explore the world and build scientific knowledge and skills.
Independent research was enhanced by the challenge of the competition. Three qualified judges were assigned for each class to do the difficult task of selecting 3 winners from each grade. We were pleasantly surprised by all young scientists as they presented their ideas with creativity and lots of effort. We, the teachers and administration of MCJHS, are incredibly proud of all the winners and the participants.


1st Grade

1st place: Zahraa Khan
1st place: Khadeejah Khan
2nd place: Zaheer Ismael
3rd place: Zaakirah Arzoi

2nd Grade

1st place: Nimra Shahab
2nd place: Sulayman Akbar
3rd place: Sumaya Nasher

3rd Grade

1st place: Aisha Zaidi
2nd place: Eshaal Ubaid
3rd place: Aaisha Khan

4th Grade

1st place: Asgar Waheed
2nd place: Jaabir Rabbani
3rd place: Aaminah Bukhari

5th Grade

1st place: Umamah Fatima
2nd place: Zoya Bukhari
3rd place: Varisha Hussain

6th Grade

1st place: Javid Saleh
2nd place: Sameeha Zaidi
3rd place: Talha Dawood

7th Grade

1st place: Areej Amir
2nd place: Ayesha Khan
3rd place: Faizan Vazir

8th Grade

1st place: Zainab Anwar
2nd place: Mariam Saleh-Esa
3rd place: Afeefa Anwar

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