Science Fair 2017



The World Revolves Around Science! This was the motto of Muslim Center Junior High School's 20th Annual Science Fair. Science fair 2017, was an exciting time for our young innovative and creative scientists. All the students did an incredible job with their wonderful experiments and extensive research. They even enhanced their projects with the Quranic Ayats that supported scientific facts and theories that pertained to their projects. Whether it was tackling Global Warming, creating a futuristic transportation device, or figuring out the patterns between male and female behavior, students came up projects that would help us advance in the world of science. Each student was judged by three judges. The judges were astonished with the students' performances. They were amazed by the creativity and scientific reasoning on display. So much so that they had a hard-hitting time to deciding on a winner. We thank the judges for giving us their valuable time and effort for our Science Fair. A special shout out to the eighth graders who awed everyone with their inspiring projects from providing evidence that dandelions kill bacteria better than penicillin to creating a robotic hand using Legos to proving the effectiveness of the cupping treatment. We are incredibly proud of them and will always remember them as they have surely left their mark during our 20th Science Fair. We thank our Principal, Vice Principal, teachers, parents, and all our students for all their support and effort to make this event successful.

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