Spelling Bee Competition



The school was buzzing with excitement on November 2nd, 2017 for the Muslim Center Junior High School Annual Spelling Bee. Surrounded by yellow and black, the three winners from each class showed their spelling prowess and competed for the title of the class winner. Class winners would continue onto the Ninth Annual New York State Islamic Schools Spelling Bee at Al-Madinah School. Our 5th through 8th grade students also competed for two spots at the Scripps Daily News Spelling Bee. Masha'Allah, after a tough and grueling competition, with students repeatedly knocking out challenge words, we had the following winners:

Kindergarten: Leena Mansuri
1st Grade: Safiyah Khan
2nd Grade: Nabeeha Mamoon
3rd Grade: Khadija Nigar
4th Grade: Khadeejah Khan
5th Grade: Nimra Shahab
6th Grade: Eshaal Ubaid
7th Grade: Sahira Rafiqi
8th Grade: Rabia Raziq

Scripps Daily News Spelling Bee Competitors:
Eshaal Ubaid (5th Grade)
Rabia Raziq (8th Grade)

Congratulations to all the contestants on their hard work!

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