Wellness Day



On December 13, 2017 MCJHS held a Wellness Wednesday event in correlation to the month of Purification for all of our students. The purpose of this event was to help and motivate our students to learn how to develop a better life style. This event was divided into four sections and hosted by our very own well trained staff:

        Mental health hosted by Sister Nazma,
        Physical health & Fitness hosted by Sister Sobia,
        Hygiene & Nutrition by Sr. Hina,
        Spiritual health by Br. Jawad.

Each category catered to our children based on their age groups and needs. This beneficiary workshop touched upon topics that students regularly do not get to explore in their everyday classrooms as well as topics that are difficult to understand. As a school, we took the initiative to educate our children on the purity of our mental, physical, body and most importantly spiritual health.

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