The Muslim Center Junior High School follows a curriculum in line with the guidelines of New York State Board of Education. Our students learn all aspects of standard educational requirements, including physical education, and have the option of studying various electives such as technology and art. In addition, our students receive instructions in beliefs and practices of Islam, as well as learning the Arabic language. Our goal is to offer our students a competitive curriculum while adhering to the highest possible Islamic and academic standards.
At the same time, we encourage our students to discover their potentials via use of their talents; an initiative which includes spelling bees, Quran and speech competitions, math olympiads, science and book fairs, school plays and art exhibitions.


This program is aimed at the 4 years old child. It introduces the child to social skills necessary to settle down and go along with other children in a classroom environment. Some of the learning areas the children will be participating in are: life skills, exploration, self expression, creativity, language and religion. The skills introduced by these areas are reading, mathematics, science, English language, Quran memorization, Dua and Islamic practice. This program will socialize the child for a school atmosphere in the years to come Insha Allah. It also emphasizes the cognitive, social, physical and emotional development of the child.


This program is aimed at meeting the needs of the 5 years old child. The learning activities lay the foundation needed for success in the more academic atmosphere of first grade. Daily lessons, Islamic practice, and classical Arabic, mathematics, reading, science, social studies, language skills in both Arabic and English, physical education and handwriting.

Grade 1 - Grade 8

Basic and enriched academic curriculum is provided that fosters a love for learning and enables the child to expand his/her horizons as far as possible. The Curriculum meets and surpasses that which is required by the State of New York. (Please see the immediate teacher for an outline of their subjects taught).
Daily instruction in Islamic teachings and practices, Tajweed and memorization, reading and writing classical Arabic are core subjects in the grade. Homework in all subjects is an integral part of the curriculum.

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