Pi Day



March 14 is Pi Day. The day to celebrate the mathematical constant Pi and to eat lots of pie! Therefore, in Muslim Center Junior High School we celebrated the fun holiday of pi day. My students and I created some mathematical decorations and placed them throughout the school. We started our program with the 5th grade students singing a song about area and circumference of the circle and how this relates to Pi. Then the 6th graders read a book, Sir Circumference and Dragon of Pi. After that the fun activities started! The first activity was a puzzle contest. The students split up into groups of 4 and their mission was to put the numbers they had in order to be equal to Pi as fast as they can. The second activity was playing cards; the mission in that game was to put the number of Pi in order from memory and the first player to play all of the cards wins. The third activity was a pie eating contest! The students again split up into groups of 4 and their mission was to eat one pie topped with whipped cream as fast as they can without using their hands. This was a lot of fun especially because each winner from all the groups got a small prize. Then the winners from each group moved on to the Final's round, where they got chance to compete among each other and the winner received a bigger prize. The most exciting moment was when the students got a chance to experience the teachers compete in the pie eating contest. As a math teacher in Muslim Center Junior High School I was very happy to see that Pi Day was recognized and celebrated with joy!

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